Are you oh so ready to go from best kept secret to the go-to authority? 

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How would it feel to be known as the go-to authority
and have dream clients and amazing opportunities seemingly ‘land on your lap’?

Are you ready to trade in your ‘best kept secret’ status to level-up as the authority in your space? 

This is for Entrepreneurs who are willing to challenge the status quo,
face their comfort zones and ‘inner mean girl’ chatter, expand their circles, and go ALL IN on goals! 

I’m so excited to share the Authority Incubator with you … 

The Authority Incubator is our 6 month group program that is one-part accelerator + and one-part mastermind.

This program is for entrepreneurs who want to build personal brands as the go-to authority.
(meaning you make a bigger impact, have greater influence, and dramatically increase your revenue) 
If you feel like you *should* be further along - You have put in the work, you know you are great at what you do - but you aren’t getting the recognition. 

Part of you feels like you shouldn’t need it. 

You know this isn’t really your dream business - but you struggle with finding the balance between “dreaming big” and “being realistic”

You are ready for more - more money, freedom, fulfillment, flexibility, fun, impact - and it’s time to own it - you want to be known! 

You’ve been the best kept secret working behind the scenes.

If you are always feeling like you have a case of comparison-itis - it seems like everywhere you look you see your ‘competitors’ making more, charging more, and getting interviewed on podcasts, writing for the media, and speaking on stages…
And if you don’t have a clear strategy for getting from *here* to *there*. In fact, part of you may have even thought a strategy like this didn’t even exist! 

You might be secretly waiting for someone to *discover* you? 
Or maybe you've convinced yourself that they must be better in some way to have all of these opportunities...

You don’t need to wait to be discovered…
And you are likely just-as-good if not better…

There IS a strategy - and if you are willing to get out of your own way and put yourself out there,
those opportunities are there waiting for you! (In fact, they will soon start finding YOU!) 

And yes, you are ready! 
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The 5 Part framework of the Authority Incubator
In the Authority Incubator, we help you transform your brand, business and mindset over 6 months through our 5 part framework. 

You will be guided through each step of the framework so that you, your brand, and your business experiences a complete transformation from expert to authority. 

The Authority ARMOR Method

Authority Personal Brand
Right Offers / Right Audience
Other People’s Platforms

  • Framework: Training, templates, and exercises - short + sweet actionable trainings on each part of the Authority Armor framework - these will be dripped out throughout the 6 months
  • Coaching: 2 Hot Seat group coaching calls every month
  • Support: 2 Monthly Implementation Support Calls (with Jaclyn, Team member or Guest Expert depending on the topic) 
  •  Small Mastermind Groups: You will be paired into a small group (4-6) person mastermind group based that will be led by a member of our Go-To Gal Team. You group will meet formally 1/month 
  •  Tap into Jaclyn's Network: Guest expert training + coaching from some of the best in their fields! Plus - I'll open my "rolodex" - I'm a connector and love to connect my clients with prospects as well as contacts!
  •  Two In-Person Events: One in Rochester, NY (in the Summer) and one in New York City (in the Fall) 
Program Value: over $10,000
Your Investment: $5,699 (payment plans available)
I'm on a mission to help experts go from best kept secret, to becoming the Go-To Gal in their space. I'm a strategist, speaker, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast! 

I work with entrepreneurs to help them package their 
expertise and become known for it. 

When I'm not helping authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and service providers build profitable personal brands, you can find me dancing on the fireplace with my two little ones, hiking with my hubs, or snuggled up on the couch with my pup Lou. 

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