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Mastermind Roundtables
(A series of topic-lead mastermind roundtables for us to support each other with mindset, finances,
and business strategy during these uncertain times. ) 
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These mastermind roundtables are designed to be a space for us to: 
Get to know and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Who knows, you might just find your new biz bestie, team member, client, or collaboration partner!
Our heads are swirling with thoughts, ideas, questions, fears, doubts, and best-laid plans. This is an opportunity to get feedback, advice, insight or just a new perspective. 
Whether you are an expert on one of our Mastermind Roundtable topics, or you've been around the entrepreneurial block enough times to have a story or two to share, the success of these successions is the collective intelligence and creativity of the group as a whole! 
Jaclyn Mellone
Coach - strategist - podcast host - speaker
Jaclyn Mellone helps experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space. She is a strategist, speaker, mama, guac lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast! 

She helps her clients get out of their own way, package their expertise to scale, and position themselves as the go-to authority. Her signature approach combines restructuring her clients business models, reframing their mindset, and revamping their marketing so that they become the go-to authority form the inside out. Jaclyn supports experts at all stages from freelancer to global brands! 

She has spoken at marketing conferences around the US, grown her social media channels to total over 50K followers and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, Parents, Well + Good, and in dozens of podcasts and radio appearances. 

Jaclyn has proudly built the Go-To Gal empire in her slippers from her living room in Rochester, NY!  

Our Schedule:
3/26: 12:00pm EST

3/27: 12:00pm EST
3/31: 12:00pm EST
4/02: 12:00pm EST

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