2020 is almost over (cue the confetti!)

But as we finally head into this new year, are you...
Thinking about making some big shifts in your business model? 
Feeling like you've hit a plateau? 
Looking for strategic guidance on what your next move should be?
Need support around mindset to get out of your own way? 

Let's bust through those blocks and put your plan together in a private 1:1 power-hour intensive!
This is an in-depth 60-minute intensive to get clarity on your business gaps and opportunities, and map out your strategic next steps!

You will leave this intensive with an injection of confidence, exciting ideas and clear plan to take action and build momentum towards your goals!

(Yes, you can absolutely still THRIVE in this economy!) 

For a limited time I am offering these power-hour intensives for only $397! 

This is not something I typically offer, so grab 'em while their hot! 

​BONUS: FREE access to my Best Month Ever* course! ($97 Value)
(*If you already have Best Month Ever, we will come up with a different bonus for you!) 

Let's ask some of my past intensive clients...
After just one intensive...
Jaclyn helped me completely change the way I offer my services today! When I hired Jaclyn I was ready to up-level my programs and charge more for my services, 
but I was unsure how to position myself as the authority.

In just one session, she quickly saw my biggest opportunities and how I could serve the market that so badly needed my services. It was actually a big wake-up call to realize just how small I'd been playing.

Jaclyn also gave me the tools to start repositioning myself as the go-to expert. Without her, I'd still be struggling along to fill my consulting programs!

Wendy Breakstone, Business Management & Operations Expert
After 3 Intensives...
Every time I do one-on-one work with Jaclyn, I end up having a significant breakthrough in my strategy and mindset that help me recalibrate my goals for the next level of my business. Jaclyn is brilliant at asking the right questions and getting at the heart of the issues. 

Her ability to come up with new and innovative ideas off the top of her head has 
been so valuable to me and has led me into productive directions that I never 
would have come up with on my own.

Whenever I get the opportunity to work with Jaclyn, I GRAB it—you should too.
Sarah Pesce, Lopt & Cropt Editing Services
After just one intensive...
Jaclyn was able to dig into my business quickly, which allowed me to have multiple “ah-ha” moments in our very first call–which is exactly why I signed up for more! She is an expert at finding those deep issues that are holding you back and turning them around into an imperfect action that leads to forward momentum. Working with her, I feel constantly encouraged and supported in where I am in business and where I want to go! 

Abby Herman, Write Solutions
More client stories...
Booked 5 intensives in less than 30 days!

I knew I had to work with Jaclyn because after trying #allthethings to take my business to the next level, it became clear that what was really holding me back was ME—my mindset, my own insecurities and fears.

I’ll be honest., the idea of working with a “mindset coach” was pretty scary. I mean, could I justify that as a business expense? But after lots of dollars spent on other courses and marketing strategists, working with Jaclyn has been the one investment that has made the most dramatic impact on my business this year.

For those of us who are aspiring go-to-gals, the line between personal and business is incredibly blurred. We take our businesses very personally. We insert a lot of ourselves into the work that we do for our clients. Jaclyn is uniquely skilled at helping you meet those challenges head on!
Jaime Hanson
Content Strategist
3 new clients in just 6 weeks!

When I started working with Jaclyn I was completely unsure of what direction to take in my business. I wasn’t sure what to focus on day to day and I felt like I was never gaining any traction.

I was splitting my focus between my service-based business and my membership site where I provide training and resources for virtual assistants. I always felt ‘guilty’ or that I ‘should be’ putting more time into the membership, but the hard deadlines from my service business always won. I was really at a crossroads. That’s when Jaclyn helped me find the clarity I needed to move forward and stop spinning out of control. With her help, I made the difficult decision to close down my membership site and completely focus on my service-based business while niching down and only focusing on Infusionsoft clients. It’s funny because once I finally made those decisions I felt lighter, excited about my business again and the doors started to open up. Of course it was scary, but when I started getting new IDEAL clients paying me what I was worth, it felt amazing. I was finally making decisions in my business and feeling confident about the direction I was going.

Tanya Bryant 
OBM / Infusionsoft Pro
Booked 11 NEW clients in 2 months!

When I started working with Jaclyn, I didn’t have anything that helped set me apart from other designers. She helped me realize not only the importance of adjusting my service menu to align with my ideal client, but also helped me determine what those offers would look like. Now instead of struggling to get discovery calls, I have a waitlist of clients!

Meg Casebolt
SEO Strategist
What's included?
  • ​An in-depth, 60-minute intensive call with Jaclyn Mellone to get clarity on your business gaps and opportunities, and map out your customized strategic growth plan to navigate this uncertain time.
  • ​BONUS: FREE access to my Best Month Ever course! ($97 Value)
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